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All words are human inventions. Humans teach others their meanings for their words to communicate with each other. This great benefit comes with an unfortunate problem: many words have no real referent - their supposed "meanings" are bogus, nonsense, fraudulent, make-believe/fantasy (but believed to be real), or merely concepts with no valid use in practice. It's therefore extremely important to thoroughly question people's ideas/concepts/beliefs for every word that you learn. The more you do so, the more the layers of nonsense (that keep people unwittingly enslaved) will become self-evident, and the freer you will become.

Consider this: if the air is polluted, you can't breathe properly; if your food and water is polluted, your body can't function properly; if your mind is polluted (with nonsense, slavespeak, etc.), you can't think properly. A free mind is the most important freedom, for becoming a freeman or freewoman.

FreeSpeak Dictionary - Exposing Fraud Words

The following is a list or dictionary of many such words, as used in the SlaveSpeak Translator. Each word is formatted as: "example" (translation) [context: where a word has multiple uses, a description of which use is being referred to]: explanation of example (or "..." if no explanation is provided for this word).


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